JaCoP: Java Constraint Programming Library

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JaCoP: Java Constraint Programming Library

JaCoP is a constraint solver created originally in 2001 and since then it is under further development and improvement. JaCoP aims at ease and intuitiveness of use followed by efficiency. It is written entirely in Java and supports constraints over boolean, integer, set and floating-point variables. Currently there exist stable version 4.8.

There are number of primitive constraints available in addition to conditinal and reified constraints as well as a handfull of global constraints, such as three versions of alldifferent constraint, circuit, cumulative, diff2, global cardinality, extensional support and conflict, regular and element. JaCoP implementation is based on the state of the art Constraint Programming algorithms backed by few years of experimentation with different designs. Some of the solver implementations aspects are novel and deserve publication on its own merit. JaCoP is not tailored to any specific domains, the aim is to obtain acceptable efficiency for a wide range of different applications. It is constantly under development and improves with each subsequent version. JaCoP was already succesfully used in a number of research projects at different places, such as Lund University (Sweden), Cork Constraint Computation Centre (Ireland), and INRIA/IRIS (Rennes).

JaCoP can be programmed in Java and Scala. There exist also a front-end for MiniZinc language.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Krzysztof Kuchcinski (Email: Krzysztof . Kuchcinski [at] cs . lth . se) or Radoslaw Szymanek (Email: radoslaw. szymanek [at] gmail . com).

More information abount the newest version of the solver can be found at  JaCoP Web site as well as on GitHub and Sourceforge.

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